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Homework is available on ilearn.

Interesting Links

  • Why Undergraduates Should Learn the Principles of Programming Languages" (from the ACM SIGPLAN Education Board)
  • 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know
  • Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
  • The Development of the C Language, by Dennis Ritchie
  • Turing Tarpit languages
  • Epigrams on Programming, by Alan Perlis
  • Facebook Releases Its Programming Language Hack
  • Advanced Programming Languages, by Matt Might (see pages 32-35)
  • The Lighter Side (comics, etc.)
  • Lex, Flex, JFlex examples
  • Earley's Parsing Algorithm for general context-free grammars
  • CYK Parsing Algorithm for context-free grammars in Chomsky normal form
  • Notes on Computing First and Follow Sets and LL(1) Parse Tables from CSC 2710
  • IDEOne - Online IDE and Debugging Tool
  • LR Parsing Resources
  • Dr. Ranjit Jhala's PL class at UC San Diego
  • OCaml for the Skeptical
  • car and cdr in Lisp dialects
  • A Seven-Line Interpreter for a Functional PL
  • OCaml-Top, simple IDE for OCaml
  • OCaml for the Masses, by Yaron Minsky
  • More Practical OCaml Examples from Flying Frog Consultancy
  • Stanford Bunny in OCaml from Flying Frog Consultancy
  • Java Theory and Practice: Generics Gotchas
  • Static and Dynamic Scoping
  • C++ Constructor Calling Rules with Inheritance
  • Head First Java (two free chapters provided)
  • Java Nested Classes (from Hardcore Java book) part 1, part 2, part 3
  • Sample Java Programs Utilizing Inner Classes and Reflection
  • Generics in the Java Programming Language
  • Multiple Inheritance (Wikipedia)
  • Casting in C++
  • Can Your Programming Language Do This?
  • A Scala Tutorial for Java programmers
  • Is Scala really more complicated than Java?
  • Learning Scala