CSC 2400 (Design of Algorithms)

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Syllabus (pdf format)

Practice Problems

  1. Chapter 1 Problems
  2. Chapter 2 Problems
  3. Chapter 3 Problems
  4. Chapter 4 Problems
  5. Chapter 5 Problems
  6. Chapter 8 Problems
  7. Chapter 9 Problems

Interesting Articles

Programming Assignments

  1. Program 1
  2. Program 2

Late Policy for Programming Assignments

Assignments will be due at 4:30 pm on the due date. You will have three more days in which you will be allowed to turn in your assignment. Saturday and Sunday together will count as one day. The penalty on the first day will be 7 points, the penalty for the second day will be an additional 8 points, and the penalty for the third day will be an additional 10 points.

Algorithm Visualizations Developed by Fall 2003 and 2005 CSC 4400/5400 classes

Visualization of Brute-Force and Quickhull Algorithms for Convex Hull

Visualization of Jarvis' March (Giftwrapping) Algorithm for Convex Hull

Complete Collection of Algorithm Animations (from Hope College)

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures (from National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Dynamic Programming Algorithm Information

Greedy Algorithm Information

Backtracking and Branch-and-Bound Algorithm Information

Traveling Salesman Problem page (from Princeton University)