CSC 2121: Object-Oriented Programming and Design Lab

My Spring 2011 Schedule for office hours, classes, etc.

Prerequisite: CSC 2110 AND CSC 2111 with a grade of C or better
Corequisite: CSC 2120

Martha Kosa
See my schedule for office hours (Bruner 214)

Lab Guidelines

You must be present for every lab and seriously work on the lab during the entire class time in order to pass.

You are expected to have read the entire lab before coming to the lab and to have reviewed the relevant material from lecture used in the lab.

You are required to have a partner for each lab (randomly assigned). You are required to communicate with your partner in designing and implementing a solution for the lab. You will not be allowed to participate in the lab if you arrive after partners have been assigned.

If you complete the lab before the class ends, demonstrate the lab for me. If your lab works correctly, I will mark you and your partner as having successfully completed the lab, and you may then leave.

If you cannot complete the lab during the scheduled class time, you may continue to work on the lab outside of class. You will have until Tuesday at 4:00 PM (Thursday lab sections) to complete the lab. Either bring the lab to my office and demonstrate it in person, or zip up all of the files needed to run the lab and email it to me. The first option is preferred. That way, specific problems that I may encounter can be discussed in detail. If you choose to email your lab, you will only be given a brief description of any problems (if there are any) with your work. Include your name and the lab number in the title of your zip file. Your partner will also get credit, so it is only necessary to submit one lab.

You may receive as much help as you need from myself and/or the TA. You may test your solution as many times as necessary until the deadline for submission.

Grading Policy


Missed labs can only be made up (on your own time and by yourself) with proper documentation of exceptional circumstances (i.e. a doctor's note or other authorized absence).


Keep all of your labs as some labs will build on others!

  1. Compiling, Packaging, and Javadoc
  2. Using Objects
  3. Ice Cream!
  4. Game Hierarchy
  5. Black Jack!
  6. Tree Sort
  7. Artificial Intelligence
  8. Tables and Locality of Reference
  9. Class Invariants
  10. Method Cohesion and Implementation Inheritance Coupling
  11. Game State
  12. Command Design Pattern
  13. Law of Demeter
  14. Drag and Drop

I reserve the right to modify the contents of the labs.

Students are encouraged to obtain limited help and/or ideas from one another.  However, copying assignments or allowing assignments to be copied will not be tolerated.  The penalty for cheating in the class is an "F" for a final course grade.

Attendance Policy
You are expected to attend every lab. You are responsible for all assignments and material covered and all issues discussed during all lab meetings whether you are present or not. Makeup labs will not be accepted without proper documentation for an excused absence.

Students with a disability requiring accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS). An Academic Adjustment form should be completed as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the first week of the course. The ODS is located in the Roaden University Center, Room 112; phone 372-6119.