CSC 2010

Documentation Guidelines for CSC 2010

Refer to the documentation guidelines discussed in class and shown in the examples.

0) Code that is given to you that you do not modify need not be commented unless you are instructed otherwise.

1) Each class should have a detailed top level comment describing the purpose of the class.

2) Each instance variable should have a detailed comment describing its purpose, so declare each instance variable on a separate line.

3) Each method should have a detailed comment describing its overall purpose. This includes a discussion of the parameters that the method takes and the return values that it provides, in addition to a general description of the work done by the method.

4) Use comments throughout your code to describe and explain important parts of your work.

5) All of your classes, variables, and methods should have meaningful names and should follow the naming conventions discussed in class.

6) Your code should be well-formatted and easy to read.