William (Bill) Eberle

Bill Eberle is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Tennessee Technological University. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2007. He received his B.A. degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin in 1986. He is a member of ACM and IEEE.

Bill's research areas of interest include data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. His current research area is in the discovery of patterns and anomalies in data that is represented as graphs. He has over 18 years of industry experience, including 8+ years of fraud detection experience, with an emphasis on expert systems and artificial intelligence. He is currently researching graph-based approaches using various domains such as social networks, healthcare, telecommunication call records, financial transactions, insider threats and other security domains.

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Bill Eberle has previously worked for Lockheed Martin and MCI, designing, developing and managing diverse applications such as flight simulator, decision support and fraud detection systems, and is currently doing research and teaching at Tennesssee Technological University. His beautiful wife Robin is a substitute school teacher, and they have three children: Ryan, Justin and Rachel.

William Eberle
Department of Computer Science
Tennessee Technological University
P.O. Box 5101
Cookeville, TN 38505
phone: 931-372-3278
email: weberle AT tntech.edu